Soap can really make a difference. In some places, it can add years to a young life. Communicable diseases, easily prevented by handwashing, kill millions of children under the age of five each year, mainly in the developing world. We have the goods that can help, and we know some great people who can put them to use.

One Heart Africa is a grassroots volunteer organization dedicated to bringing sustainable change to rural areas of Africa. They established Sharing Hope Preschool in Licilo, Mozambique in 2012, where they provide free lessons, daily meals, clean water, and jobs to Licilo residents.

Our quarterly donations of solid soap are sent on the backs of volunteers as they travel from the States to Mozambique, as standard delivery options are unavailable in rural Africa. With this year's projected sales, we will be able to send enough soap to wash every student and teachers' hands multiple times per day helping to keep everyone happy and healthy. Visit their site to learn about student sponsorships.