opening updates

saturdays + sundays 11am-6pm

what’s new:
- capacity: four guests in the store at a time (please limit your party to two)
- masks: MANDATORY for all shoppers and staff for the entirety of your visit.
- social distancing: please keep a minimum of 6 ft distance from staff and other shoppers.
- one-way flow: guests will enter through our normal randolph st. entrance, then exit through our back door to gin alley, which leads to peoria st. 
- if we’re at capacity, the door at the top of our stairs will be closed. please wait in the stairway until we open it. if it’s open, come on in!
- shopping: to ensure sanitization, our shelves will hold display-only products. place your order with a team member, who will pack up your goods from our sanitized backstock.
- payment: credit cards/apple pay only. no cash. 
- staff safety: team members will have their temperature checked at the beginning of each shift + will be wearing their masks the entire time they’re in the building.
- ventilation: our windows will be open throughout the space to promote airflow.
- lounge: to keep people moving and all surfaces clean, no sitting on our furniture. sorry - no swings either 😭
- photos: always encouraged, but be extra respectful of your time in the space, and keep those masks on!
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