acupuncture + yoga / tuesday 11.19 @ 6:00pm

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yoga + acupuncture combine two ancient modalities to bring balance to the mind + body. this experience will calm your nervous system, relax your mind + support your body. a time to let go of stress + tightness. the first half of will consist of relaxing yoga followed by acupuncture during savasana. receiving acupuncture while in savasana will allow you to enter a deeply restful + restorative state.
acupuncture is a safe, effective, calming holistic treatment that restores balance by regulating the central nervous system and allowing proper flow of energy or 'qi' throughout the body. balance is essential to overall health, mental stability, relaxed muscles + joints, strong immunity + vitality.
april falcon is a certified vinyasa teacher + will lead the movement portion of class. ann roth is a licensed acupuncturist + will be facilitating the acupuncture part of the evening. she is experienced in treating a wide range of conditions, including pain, anxiety + stress-related disorders, insomnia, digestive issues, women's health, pediatrics, headaches + autoimmune diseases.

please arrive 15 minutes early to settle in, swing in the swings, grab slippers + make yourself a cup of tea.  parking in the neighborhood is difficult, we recommend taking public transportation of using a rideshare app, we like via!   

classes will begin promptly at their scheduled time.  for the respect + relaxation of fellow guests late arrivals will not be permitted.  cancellations will be permitted with 24 hour notice, and guests are allowed one reschedule per booking.  if cancellation is necessary, please reply to your order confirmation email with your request.

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