air flow / sunday 10.7 @ 6:00pm

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mantra: aspire to a higher self. focus on the air element will guide you to clarity in the mind. air energy invites us experience a sense of curiosity, wonder, and openness. 

half yoga / half meditaiton

led by alma omeralovic / certified yoga + meditation instructor

all abilities welcome. yoga mats will be provided.

please arrive 15 minutes early to check in, swing in the swings, grab slippers + make yourself a cup of tea. parking in the neighborhood is difficult - we recommend taking public transportation or using a rideshare app (we like via!)   

to honor the flow + relaxation of fellow guests, late arrivals will not be permitted. guests are allowed one reschedule per booking: please reply to your order confirmation email at least 24 hours before class time for us to process your request.