high vibes: a sound bath experience / sunday 3.31 @ 6:00pm

high vibes: a sound bath experience / sunday 3.31 @ 6:00pm

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join singer + sound guide, davin youngs for a meditative immersion in healing sounds with the intention of elevating our collective vibration. blending ancient + contemporary tools, davin youngs, uses his voice through electronic looping devices, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks + other overtone-emitting instruments to transport participants to a place of restoration + elevation. what makes this journey truly special is the subtle emergence of electronic beats + music that reflects the wonder + beauty of the universe + the unique light within each person present. 

to participate is only to receive. 

davin guides the sound + the vibrations to do the rest. you will walk away from this subtle, yet powerful event feeling therapeutic, spiritual + restorative change.

please wear comfortable clothing + bring blankets + cushions to maximize comfort.  doors will be locked promptly at 6:00pm, please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled in.