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grapefruit toner

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A post-cleansing mist that restores your skin's protective acid mantle by gently lowering its pH. We use this after cleansing with our natural handmade soap, but won't need it after a pH-neutral oil cleanse.

We make this with a hydrating base of aloe water, add glycerine for more moisturizing power, lower pH with a locally brewed apple cider vinegar, + freshen scent with clarifying grapefruit essential oil.

After washing face, shake well + mist clean skin with 2-3 sprays. Can be wiped with a cotton pad for some gentle exfoliation / further cleansing. We prefer to keep this good stuff on our skin, continuing on to serums +/or moisturizers while damp. Safe to use day or night.

grapefruit: clarifies + refreshes

aloe: tones + hydrates

cider vinegar: balances pH

ingredients: aloe vera juice, Right Bee Cider apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerine, grapefruit + eucalyptus essential oils

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