Over the last few blog posts, you’ve learned about the mask bar and some of our best-sellers - our three signature clay masks. These clay masks are stimulating, exfoliating, and a great refresh once or twice a week. We even developed an entire event concept around them (have you tried the mask bar?). As we explored new mask options, we found ourselves moving away from clay and deep into the world of plants. The botanical products that we developed were way too versatile to be called masks. The gentler, plant-based, multi-talented cousins of our masks are here - meet the smoothies!

What is a Scratch Goods smoothie? 

In line with our food-grade product lineup, we named these plant-based blends after a food. Their ingredients are also often found in actual smoothies - chlorella, spirulina, aloe, oats - and they’re meant to soothe and calm rather than detox and exfoliate. 

Like our masks, we sell the smoothies as dry powders - this keeps them shelf-stable without lots of preservatives and allows for a fresh, customized application at every use. This powder can also be used in several ways - as a cleansing powder, a leave-on mask, a spot treatment, an additive to a clay mask or warm bath - a true multi-tasker.

We ended up with two distinctly different smoothies - the green smoothie and the oat smoothie - both 100% plant-based and super versatile.

Green Smoothie

The green smoothie is basically a delivery system for chlorophyll, which is found in green plant material. Chlorophyll is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which can ease irritation and calm redness around breakouts. To max out on chlorophyll, we made this purely-green powder out of alfalfa, spirulina, and chlorella - a green algae that is one of the most concentrated sources of chlorophyll available. 

Some extra benefits from these powerhouse plants: antimicrobial properties, tons of protective antioxidants, and the possibility of speedier healing of breakouts. Spirulina and chlorella are also rich in magnesium and zinc, which are known skin-soothers. And aloe, our lone humectant of the group, is there to provide a boost of moisture.

Our fave ways to use this smoothie: as a soap-free morning wash on dry, recovering skin; mixed with raw honey as a healing mask; as an additive to our matcha clay mask for a detox with a boost.

Oat Smoothie

If you ever had chickenpox as a kid, you might remember taking an oat bath - oats are oats are known for their incredibly soothing and hydrating properties, and are still used in treatments for eczema and other rashesWe formulated the oat smoothie to deliver the benefits of soothing colloidal oats with chamomile, another calming ingredient, and moisturizing aloe.

Some suggested uses for the oat smoothie: mixed with nut milk for a cooling mask on a sunburn; gently rubbed into damp skin for a mild exfoliation; added to a bath for a soothing soak on super-dry, itchy skin.

So many uses - how does that work?

If being used as a cleansing powder, you'll want to start with a wet face and hands. Shake a small amount of smoothie - one or two small shakes - into your palm. Gently rub the powder between wet hands, adding a few more drops of water if necessary, until all is moistened. Rub into wet skin in gentle upward and outward motions. Plants absorb water and become soft, spongy exfoliants that are way less harsh than salt or sugar crystals, so this may be suitable for those with skin that’s sensitive to exfoliation. Rinse with warm water and follow with ample moisture while skin is still damp.

If being used as a mask: Start with about 1/2 tsp dry smoothie in a small bowl. Slowly add a few drops of water, oil, honey, or another calming liquid (milk, coconut, or aloe water) - just enough to moisten the powder into a paintable texture. Apply the paste to clean face + neck with a mask brush or clean fingers. Don’t let it dry completely - a dry smoothie will be more difficult, and irritating, to remove. Rinse with warm water and follow with moisture while skin is still damp. Excess mask can be covered in an airtight container and stored in the fridge for a couple days - use as a spot treatment on trouble spots afterwards.

This dry format lends itself to so many customization opportunities - let us know how you use your smoothie - tag us on instagram with your faves!

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