jade roller


reduces inflammation via lymphatic drainage

smoothes overworked facial muscles

increases circulation, which can stimulate cell turnover

roll along jaw and brow bones for stress relieving muscle massage, under eyes to de-puff, and over forehead for sinus relief. apply more pressure rolling outward, toward temples, to aid in lymphatic drainage. large end is best on cheeks, jaw and forehead - small end provides more focused pressure anywhere, or can fit tighter areas around nose and eyes.

for a warm massage: warm roller under a hot tap or in a mug of hot water, then roll after moisturizing to soften pores and aid in product absorption. *after warming, always test temperature of stone on your wrist before making contact with your face.

for a cool roll: store roller in the fridge or freezer for extra de-puffing and redness reduction - extra refreshing in the summer or on sun kissed skin.

wash with soap + water after each use, then wipe dry.

jade color will vary with each tool.

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