konjac sponge


this soft + bouncy vegetable-based sponge provides a smoothing, detoxifying exfoliation. made from the fibers of the konjac root + infused with activated charcoal for deep cleaning pores. more gentle than a sugar scrub, it softens when wet to the texture of a marshmallow. pair with a soap or liquid cleanser (not for use with cleansing oil) to build a rich lather with very little product. ideal for gently buffing sensitive skin daily.

moisten sponge with plenty of water until soft + squishy. buff in a circular motion with soap + water for a rich lather. we use it in the shower with our handmade soap, where it hangs easily with a built-in thread. dries quickly and completely between uses, inhibiting bacterial growth.

3" hemisphere with build-in thread / 100% biodegradeable / replace every 6-8 weeks

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