sea mask


A mineral-rich clay mask to smooth and brighten dull, tired skin. Sold as a dry powder for endless customization and a fresh mask every time. Use weekly for gentle exfoliation, a boost of circulation, and a lasting glow.

sea kelp: vitamin-rich + soothes

french green clay: tones + revitalizes

sea clay: mineral-rich + restores

Instructions: Start with 1 Tablespoon of liquid in a small bowl - try water, coffee, tea, juice, or nut milk! Gradually add mask powder, a small shake at a time, stirring and adding more powder until mixture thickens and all liquid is absorbed - you're going for the texture of guacamole or hummus. Apply to clean face + neck, avoiding delicate eye area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then re-hydrate with a hot wet towel, letting it steam on your face for a full minute or two. Wipe clean after steaming, adding more water if needed. Follow with moisture immediately: skin drink, moisturizer, face oil, and/or face butter work well here. May leave skin temporarily flushed from increased circulation. Do not follow with any other exfoliating or potentially irritating skincare steps. Repeat weekly or as needed.

Ingredients: sea clay, french green clay, sea kelp

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